Ruth Nahmias
Ruth Nahmias

«The Planets and Success in 2016»


The following seminar will help you to understand the influence of the Planets in Kabbalistic astrology and how we can make the choice for success this year.

The London branch of Pryamaya Rech, a leading Moscow-based concept that brings together the very best contemporary writers, scientists, musicians and artists to hold talks for the general public, is starting a series of lectures on history, philosophy and spirituality. The first speaker of the series is Ruth Naihmas, renowned Kabbalistic astrologist and teacher.

Ruth is recognised as a valued advisor, providing chart readings to business leaders and anyone who desires true prosperity and lasting fulfilment in every aspect of life such as business partnerships, company launches, strategic planning, or personal relationships. Ruth has drawn on the wisdom handed down through this 4,000 year old spiritual lineage to assist thousands of people in transforming their lives. Ruth has taught extensively on relationships, parenting, and the spiritual role of women in France, Poland, Russia, Italy and the USA and travels regularly throughout the world for conferences and private consultations.

The word Kabbalah means many different things to many different people. In a nutshell, it is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. 4,000 years ago, a set of spiritual principles were communicated to humanity. These ancient revelations unlock all the mysteries of humanity; the secret code that governs the universe. This extraordinary powerful set of tools is the original instruction manual for life. Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s not dogmatic, and it’s not a belief system that you have to buy into. Even more importantly, it’s not anyone’s personal opinion of how the universe works. It’s simply timeless knowledge whose time has finally come.

Kabbalistic Astrology is a major tool in discovering our true purpose in life. You were born with special gifts and specific challenges particular to your astrological chart. The constellation that you were born under is your own personal instruction manual and knowing it better will help you navigate through your life with much less chaos. The knowledge gained from an Astrological chart reading helps you achieve your potential, learn more about yourself and gives helpful tips on how to better communicate and express your ideas, visions, and inner feelings while learning how to successfully relate to others in the process.

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Ruth Nahmias